We are rodent control ninjas. Defend. Eliminate. Word.
There is perhaps no pest more frustrating to battle than the elusive rat or mouse. Don't go at it alone. We can help.



Rats and mice eat and contaminate food with their filth and are a threat to health as disease carriers.


Rodents will chew through walls, electrical wires and even metal flashing causing extensive property damage.


Mice are able to enter a structure and squeeze through holes the size of a dime.


Mice eat grains, seeds and fruit and foods high in sugar, protein and fat (like peanut butter). Unlike rats, mice get enough water from the food they eat.


Your best defense is exclusion. Keep doors, receiving areas and indoor trash/recycling rooms closed when possible. Seal cracks, holes and gaps in building walls.

The trojan horse - or more commonly, the package or shipment that secretly delivered your rodent problem - is often the culprit behind rodent infestations. Rats and mice hide within pallets of product or inside packaging and "appear" suddenly in the middle of your warehouse, commercial kitchen or store. Inspect all incoming goods for gnawing, nesting material and droppings and stop rodents at the door.


The white footed deer mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) has been known to spread the deadly Hantavirus through droppings and urine. Take precautions when cleaning! Wear gloves and wet down dried urine and droppings to reduce airborne contaminants.