In the world of online reviews and social media, one pest sighting can damage your reputation. Partner with us to avoid the risk.

We offer discrete solutions to eliminate existing pests and prevent future issues.

Defend Your Restaurant

Food safety is everyone's responsibility in a restaurant - ours included. We take it seriously and train our team to protect and defend your restaurant from rodents, insects and pest birds. When you hire us, we solve existing pest problems quickly and discretely while identifying structural and sanitation conditions that could lead to costly pest problems and health risks down the road.

Clear communication and documentation keep you in the know, even from afar. Our service specialists check in each service with the manager on duty to ensure their needs are being met. Inspection details - services performed, pest activity, recommendations - are recorded and printed, emailed or viewed though our customer portal.

Services Scale with Your Operations

Whether you manage one location or operate a chain of restaurants, Sprague has the communication resources to make your life easier when it comes to pest management.

Tailored pest control services target any pests (with 2+ legs, of course) that might walk, crawl or fly through your doors. We've got you covered with proactive inspections, consistent pricing and no-charge callback services you can rely on.