Multi-unit property managers trust Sprague to protect residents from rodents, insects and bed bugs.

While we work with property managers to select and coordinate services, respect and courtesy for your tenants is a mandatory part of the program.

Programs Tailored for Multifamily Housing

Programs for multi-family housing organizations can cover a wide spectrum of services. Managers often reach out to us for help with bed bugs, roaches and rodents. They also ask about treatments for ants, spiders and other insects. All our programs begin with an interview and site inspection and are tailored to address existing and potential pest threats.

Know Your Options for Bed Bugs

Solving bed bug infestations requires technical expertise, experience and diligence. Choosing the right combination of services can mean the difference between bed bug relief and more sleepless nights. Sprague is a full service company and can help you select the services that best fit your situation. Please visit our bed bugs page for more information.

Your Pest Management Partner

What if your building was full of pest experts? It can happen and the benefits of having informed, conscientious tenants can be found on your bottom line. Teaching tenants how to identify pests, to notify management if pests are sighted and basic pest prevention tips will complement your pest management program and help to keep pest activity in check. Education programs are great for groups of building managers or home owner associations. Give us a call. We'd like to work with you.

If that's over the top with everything else you have going on, no problem. We understand and we're hear to make life easier for you. We'll be there to take care of the pest issues and if you need help between services, we'll be there again, often for no additional charge. Count on us.