Prevention is key, especially in health care. Stop threats to the health and safety of your patients, your buildings and your reputation.

Depend on us for pest protection and prevention.

Leave the Pest Problems to Us

Pests spread disease in health care settings, putting patients, staff and visitors at risk. Our pest prevention services will protect them with proven strategies to allow your team to focus on what matters most - patient care.

Pest Control for Health Care

When the demands of your profession require service excellence, you can trust our team to deliver pest management and prevention solutions professionally, consistently and with the care and dedication you expect from partners in the health care industry.

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Protect Your Patients, Residents and Staff

Health care environments are prime targets for rodents, ants,cockroaches, flies and other pests. These pests carry disease, damage facilities and tarnish your reputation. Pest activity in sensitive areas is not worth the risk. The impact on the health and well-being of patients and residents could be profound.

We'll can solve the worst problems. The symptoms might be familiar but seeking out the right source to a pest problem is critical to providing a long lasting solution. By providing a unique level of care to every hospital, clinic and care facility our tailored programs solve pest problems.

Ready for the Next Audit

The right people with the most advanced technology can be a competitive advantage in health care and the same is true for pest management. We've developed technology tools you won't find anywhere else. With detailed documentation and communication procedures in place, you can rest assured knowing your pest management program meets and exceed expectations corporate and third party compliance standards.

Bed Bugs in Health Care

Bed Bugs are a serious concern in health care. While not known to carry disease, they will feed on people. Bed bugs are carried in by patients, residents and visitors. Your best defense is to expect bed bugs and have a Bed Bug Response Plan in place. Sprague offers the most comprehensive selection of bed bug services including canine inspections, chemical and heat treatments.

Flies and Filth

Unfortunately, flies send a message of filth, even in the cleanest coffee bar, cafeteria or food service area. Our team of experts will diagnose your situation and tailor a program to address flies with solutions such as insect light traps, bioremediation, exclusion and prevention.