Protecting the world's food supply through pest prevention and audit compliance. We're awesome with acronyms, too. GMP, GFSI, FSMA, GAP, BRC, SQF, AIB . . .

Begin with a risk assessment, solve the problems, pass audits, then finely tune the program, letting it evolve to defend against new pest threats.

Paperless Tools for Audit Compliance and Decision Making

We hold fast to the values of old school, face-to-face conversation where you can ask questions and get real, human responses. Then we back it up with technology like no other. The client portal provides transparent, anytime access to your account including service reports, detailed trend reports, alerts, document archive and multi-location management. It enables you to filter the data, create favorite views, see the patterns, track the recommendations and make proactive decisions to prevent risk from pests.

When you need just the facts, for the last 12 months and nothing more than what the auditor wants, our website is your tool for audit compliance. It helps you pass audits with reports and documents organized into your own neat and tidy online logbook. Aligned to third party standards, the logbook refreshes after each service. Access it on any platform - desktop, tablet, mobile. Easy. Oh, and no charge.
Your Advantage: The Sprague Risk Assessment Program
Reactive programs open the door to more risk. We prevent complicated pest issues and partner with you to protect your business from potential threats.
Experience protects your brand. From simple to sophisticated programs, we have been managing risk based programs for decades.
We've got you covered! Our proactive risk assessments are customized, updated annually and eliminate your risk of damaging pest issues.
We're compliant so you will be too. Our program is amenable with third party and government expectations for risk-based pest management practices.
Problem solving is our super power. By combining science, technology and people power, we solve the most complex challenges.

Food Plant Pest Management

“Risk is temporal and is influenced by the time, location and conducive conditions found within an account. It is not static - it is variable.
This must be considered when designing and implementing a pest management program.” Jeff Weier, BCE, Technical Director for Sprague Pest Solutions

We have been accused of taking food plant pest management too seriously. Is that even possible? From simple to sophisticated programs, our reputation has been built on delivering consistent, reliable pest control service as a trusted food safety partner. Every risk assessment, every inspection, every time. It's what you count on in food plant management.

When a problem hasn't been seen before, hasn't been solved or wasn't covered in IPM training, the food industry turns to Sprague for big ideas.

Combining our scientific prowess (oh, yes), technology and people-power, we solve the most complex challenges. If that is taking things seriously, we proudly own it.

The tension between consistency and creative problem solving revs our motors. Meticulous quality and smart efficiency. The right program for the right cost. An evolving pest program that consistently meets uncompromising third party requirements. Great relationships are built in the balance.