With health and safety of students, staff and visitors at stake, taking care of complex and sensitive school environments requires expert skills and finesse.

Protect your school, day care, university or district from stinging insects, damaging rodents, nuisance ants, bed bugs and more.

Six Simple Reasons to Select Sprague

1. Hassle-free communication and coordination to comply with IPM in Schools requirements.
2. Member of the US Green Building Council for LEED Certified Schools. QualityPro and GreenPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association.
3. One-stop, local source for all your pest management needs.
4. Responsive, thoughtful and scalable programs for year-round protection of your facilities.
5. Services to complement maintenance, housing and food service operations.
6. Easy, convenient online account access for managing multiple sites.

Why hire Sprague when you already have a maintenance department?

Many facility maintenance departments operate with limited staff and resources, and it can be difficult to keep up with good pest management practices, documentation and changing label requirements. Maintenance and food service departments partner with Sprague for our licensed, trained, knowledgeable and trusted experts and rely on us to prevent pests, respond quickly to emerging issues and when necessary, make careful treatments in accordance with law. We are accountable, responsible and limit risk in sensitive school buildings.

Schools also select Sprague knowing we understand the precious connection between pest management and the environment. We work with staff to help you meet LEED certification standards and minimize the environmental footprint of your pest management program. This is accomplished through prevention, smarter service methods, least toxic/non-toxic materials, communication and detailed documentation.