The Food Safety Modernization Act and expansion of GFSI audit programs are challenging the agricultural industry to comply with food safety regulations.

Count on our help to establish or fine tune your pest management and food safety program to pass inspection.

Keep your Organic Certification

Having an organic certified operation doesn't mean you or your customers have to tolerate pests. Rigorous prevention strategies, thorough documentation and, if needed, the smart selection of treatment materials can keep your certification in tact.

In addition to receiving specific training for organic food environments, our team uses a system of communication and record keeping to ensure your pest service stays in sync with the USDA's National Organic Program standards.

Increase the value of your crops

Growers, packers, millers and processors have used integrated pest management protocols in their fields for generations. As the industry changes and food safety standards tighten, new rules concerning pest control are now being applied to barns, storage facilities, processing facilities, harvesting equipment and transportation equipment.

Food wholesalers, distributors and retailers purchase crops more selectively than ever before, requiring documented pest management and food safety plans. Adopting verifiable pest management and food safety programs increases your crop value to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Sprague knows what they need to see and will help you become a “go to” provider for these buying groups.