We believe in accountability. As a committed partner in the success of your business, we hold ourselves responsible for meeting or exceeding the quality expectations of the most demanding companies and their customers.

In-House Quality Assurance Team

Not everyone has a dedicated team of Quality Assurance Inspectors. We do. These expert pest management professionals are responsible for meticulously auditing our service performance and quality. They monitor service consistency between technicians and branches and regularly inspect to determine how well we are executing to established protocols, upholding audit standards and leveraging preventive strategies.

Ultimately, our QA Inspectors ensure that we're solving your pest problems at the highest level and delivering on our promise of excellence. QA inspection results and client interviews are used to help us continually improve our service and recognize our teams for achieving extraordinary service excellence.

Net Promoter® Phone Surveys

In addition to QA inspections, we enlist the services of an outside surveying company. They regularly contact our clients and ask: "On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend Sprague to a friend or colleague?" Responses are calculated into a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) that becomes both a loyalty metric and a discipline for harnessing customer feedback. This is just one more way we hold our company and employees accountable for how we treat our clients.