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In the hospitality industry, you can't afford to have mice, roaches, bed bugs, flies or any other pest interfere with a great guest experience. Sprague has a deep understanding of hotel and resort hospitality groups that helps us deliver the most effective suite of pest solutions.

Help for Hotel & Lodging Operations

Hotels and other lodging properties are especially susceptible to cockroaches, ants, spiders and stinging insects. Rodents and birds can spread filth, and flies may plague food service areas. Perhaps worst of all, brand-damaging bed bugs will check in any day, anytime, with no warning. With Sprague as your trusted, discreet partner, guests will enjoy a pest-free experience.

Hotel Bed Bug Control & Beyond

We begin with a thorough inspection and risk assessment of your property. We interview key stakeholders and develop a recommended suite of services to address your —concerns – including the scourge of bed bugs. We then provide you with a plan for long-term protection against pests. This is a total partnership, so Sprague will work with you to develop a program that fits the structural, environmental and operational needs of your hotel or motel, whether you're a stand-alone property or part of a chain.

With our depth of expertise, technology and account management, we deliver every service with the utmost care. Our sophistication also allows us to service multiple hotel properties or even your entire property portfolio.

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Pest management and prevention services should be personalized for your hotel or lodging property. No cookie cutter solutions, ever.


Rigorous, Thorough, Meticulous

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Strategic Prevention

Reactive programs leave the door open to risk. We prevent complicated pest issues and partner with you to protect your business from potential threats.

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If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Our reports include detailed inspection results and analysis of conditions or activity that could impact your program.

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Smart Selection

We reserve the right to select the best possible products and services available. It’s one of the advantages of being a service company, not a product company.


We start with real people having real conversations. Then back it up with versatile communication systems to give information when and how you want it.

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Our reputation has been built on consistently performing to the toughest standards in food safety, third party audits, customer requirements, federal agency and local government.


Communication, Communication, Communication

Your general managers, engineers, chefs and shift managers all need to know what's going on, and whether pest activity will affect their area of responsibility. Keeping them informed is critical, and Sprague's service approach keeps each person in the loop.

Our service technician will always check in with the designated contact, and record inspection details into our digital communication system. Reports are available immediately and can be emailed to anyone you specify to ensure your team is working together toward the same pest-free goal.

"We love how discreet your services are. Our technician is so friendly and knowledgeable. We love you guys! "

Hotel Manager