Welcome to our story.

We've been solving pest problems for just over 90 years. We got started in the 1920s and while there have been a few rough patches, we've never stopped growing. Pests don't care about recessions, wars or regulatory changes. They persist, and our team has been protecting the health and property of our community every step of the way.

We're proud to be a humble, fourth generation, family-owned business. We believe in strong values, commitment to our clients and a work-hard ethic that doesn't quit. One thing we’re not? Stodgy. Or slackers. Or stuck in our ways. We’ve always been forward-looking and that’s why so many clients and employees stay with us year after year, decade after decade.

Read on for the official Sprague backstory (or highlight reel, if you will) to learn how we grew from Mr. Sprague,...to Bob and Bernie Treleven's kitchen...to the company we are today, serving businesses around the country.


W.B. Sprague founded our company in 1926 to provide pest services throughout the greater Pierce County, WA area. In 1931, the company was purchased by A. H. Treleven, Sr. and incorporated in the great State of Washington. The economic conditions were poor as the nation struggled through the Great Depression. Sprague was able to survive because the services we provided were essential to our community.

In 1937, A.H. Treleven, Jr. joined the business and eventually bought out his father's interest. Today, sons Lawrence and Alfred H. Treleven III run the company and their respective sons, cousins Ross Treleven and A.J. Treleven, serve in leadership positions. Another cousin, Angela Treleven, serves on the board of directors. Sprague remains a family business and we plan to keep it that way.


Over the years, many folks have joined the Sprague team. Each has contributed his or her own ideas and perspectives to the company. It has only strengthened our foundation. Our clients also are an integral part of who we are, and your suggestions, feedback and support over the generations continue to inspire us.

Today, our company provides pest solutions from multiple offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and California. As a partner in Copesan, our clients extend throughout North America. We never waver from our deep commitment to service and an all-in attitude when it comes to solving problems for others. As we enter new markets, our focus will continue to emphasize quality, personal attention to clients and exceptionally skilled employees.

We invite you to visit, ask questions and become of part of Sprague moving forward. This is, after all, a family.

Bob and Bernie Treleven