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Your customers expect and deserve a pest-free store. Choose Sprague for smart, discreet services that eliminate risk, contamination, and damage to keep shoppers happily shopping.

Attract Customers, Not Pests.

Rats in the coolers. Bugs in the pancake mix. Mice under the checkout stand. Bird droppings in the produce. 

Retail food and grocery environments are a pest’s paradise. It's not if, but when pests will find a way into your stores. Let us protect your inventory and your reputation by handling any existing pest issues and identifying potential future risks. Our pest solution programs are customized to suit your operations and your unique challenges. We advocate prevention – coupled with a protective maintenance program – as the best defense. So you’ll have swarms of customers, not pests.


man and woman shopping in grocery store

Open doors, bright lights, and abundant food and water make retail stores irresistible to pests. Stop them at the door.


Rigorous, Thorough, Meticulous

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Strategic Prevention

Reactive programs leave the door open to risk. We prevent complicated pest issues and partner with you to protect your business from potential threats.

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If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Our reports include detailed inspection results and analysis of conditions or activity that could impact your program.

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Smart Selection

We reserve the right to select the best possible products and services available. It’s one of the advantages of being a service company, not a product company.


We start with real people having real conversations. Then back it up with versatile communication systems to give information when and how you want it.

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Our reputation has been built on consistently performing to the toughest standards in food safety, third party audits, customer requirements, federal agency and local government.


We Are State-of-the-Art.

At Sprague, rigorous training keeps our skills sharp and, because we're not a chemical company or manufacturer, we can use the most effective equipment and materials to address your specific problem.

Sprague also uses sophisticated technology to support retail communications. Whether you operate one location or hundreds, our services scale on demand to provide you with the information and service you need, when you need it. 

Service inspections are recorded digitally, equipment is mapped, and device barcodes are scanned for accountability. Pest activity and inspection notes can be printed for the manager on duty, emailed, or summarized online in our customer portal. If you're managing multiple stores, lets you quickly and easily see what's happening at each of your locations – no more guessing.


"We are so happy with Lindsey and our service with Sprague. Your quick response time, great service and education put you on the top tier of vendors."

Retail Store Manager