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Keep your distribution and storage processes running smoothly with reliable, consistent, and effective pest management and prevention services from Sprague.

Pest Control for Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics

Mice, rats, roaches, and stored-food pests can quickly bring your operations to a screeching halt. While closed loading doors can keep pests out, open doors mean smoother shipping and receiving. Let us help keep you on track.

Contaminated product, damaged equipment, and infested buildings are unwelcome and very expensive disruptions in any supply chain or logistics system. Sprague's customized services sync with your operations to eliminate and prevent detrimental pests.

We will study your business and develop a comprehensive rodent and insect protection program tailored for your operations. Barcode-scanned devices, online reporting, email alerts, and one convenient, communication hub with access to each of your locations will make decision-making smart and easy. Our service and technology will help you pass third-party audits. And we'll handle all the paperwork, so you can rest easy knowing your program is in compliance, with nothing to slow you down.


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We work closely with logistics and warehousing businesses to prevent operational disruptions caused by pests.


Rigorous, Thorough, Meticulous

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Strategic Prevention

Reactive programs leave the door open to risk. We prevent complicated pest issues and partner with you to protect your business from potential threats.

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If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Our reports include detailed inspection results and analysis of conditions or activity that could impact your program.

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Smart Selection

We reserve the right to select the best possible products and services available. It’s one of the advantages of being a service company, not a product company.


We start with real people having real conversations. Then back it up with versatile communication systems to give information when and how you want it.

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Our reputation has been built on consistently performing to the toughest standards in food safety, third party audits, customer requirements, federal agency and local government.

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Are There Dangers Hidden in Plain Sight?

Absolutely. In many storage and distribution facilities, unwanted invaders make homes in dark corners and neatly stacked pallets. Goods compromised by rats, mice, cockroaches, and stored-food pests can hurt your profitability; defend your inventory and building from infestation with our two-part strategy:                 

  1. Training for receiving, loading and quality assurance staff to identify signs of pest activity in incoming shipments. Understanding basic rodent or insect biology  such as feeding, nesting and life stages  can disrupt their behavior and keep them out of your operations, once and for all.
  2. Early-stage defense against infestation works by stopping pests before they gain a foothold. Based on our risk assessment, we'll deploy deterrents and preventive treatments wherever there's a history of activity. Exclusion techniques, combined with regularly scheduled inspections, will deal with any pests that dare to cross your threshold.

"We are very fortunate to have an excellent service provider in Sprague. Your company is truly a cut above other pest control companies that I have worked with."

QA Director
Food Storage