Utah's Matt Vincent

April 18, 2017

"Baseball is my wife, football is my girlfriend."

Matt Vincent is a dedicated sports fan, but his wife and eight kids definitely come first. When he's not coaching little league baseball, Matt is cheering on his favorite team, the Atlanta Braves...and getting ready for football season. Some folks commit to one team, but Matt loves them all.

"I am a huge college football fan, to a fault," he says. Matt can be found cheering for BYU and rooting for all the Florida teams (he's a Florida native). Matt is getting into camping and trout fishing, too

"I really like the independence this company gives me to create balance in my life for my family. Working for Sprague has enabled me to be at every school function for my kids, every baseball and football game, and every practice. I feel like leadership has that freedom and so do we. That means everything to me."

"Sprague enables us to have that worthwhile goal. We're a part of something that is changing the way pest control is done around the country. I've worked for other companies and talked with our competitors and we're a part of something that is special. What we're trying to achieve here hasn't been done before. It isn't easy, but the innovation is leading the way. The fact that I get to work for a company that cares about the environment, food safety and the health of every human being gives us purpose in life. Work and family are intwined."

Matt joined Sprague about 3 years ago and takes care of our clients in sourthwest Utah.