What’s Trending for 2017?



30 Dec

The year 2017 could prove to be an important one for commercial clients, especially those involved in the food processing industry. What leads the Sprague Pest Experts and their crystal ball to say this? One word: FSMA.

The mandates from the Food Safety Modernization Act are redefining how food processors are approaching their jobs and setting up their pest management and food safety protocols.

Jerry Shuck, director of sales for Sprague Pest Solutions, works with commercial clients on a daily basis and feels one of the trends that will emerge in 2017 as a result of FSMA is more engagement between clients and their vendor partners, especially pest management.

“FSMA asks food processors and related providers to think up front when it comes to establishing protocols to protect food and facilities from pests and other hazards,” says Shuck. “There will be more engagement on the front end of the process since FSMA demands a more proactive approach focused on prevention of the problem.”

The downriver impact of FSMA will also be felt in the bidding process for services as client’s start to see pest management as less of a commodity and more of an integral component in their food processing, storage and transportation operations.

“Pest management is not a widget that can be switched in and out without running the risk of repercussions,” says Shuck. “More due diligence is taking place between clients and pest professionals as clients better understand the gaps in their system and have a greater desire to address those issues pro-actively.”

Shucks predicts that because of FSMA clients will receive a better understanding of the true value of pest management services and what it will take to protect not only their products and customers but their brand’s image and bottom line.


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