Often known as pantry pests, moths and infest grain, dried herbs and natural fiber clothing, costing you money.
Know your options for getting rid of stored food pests in your home.


beetles & moths

Merchant grain beetles and Indian meal moths are among the most common pantry pests found in kitchens.


Stored food pests body parts and cast skins contaminate food. They infest flour, grain (like spaghetti noodles) and cereals you plan to feed your family.

Pet food

Stored product pest will infest pet food commonly found in the home, including birdseed and dry pet foods.


Carefully inspect food products in cardboard packages for signs of damage while grocery shopping. Only purchase items that show no sign of damage including tiny holes, shed skins and webbing.

Store food in well-sealing plastic containers or freeze bulk items to lower the risk of infestation.

Thoroughly clean kitchen shelves with a vacuum to pick up dust from food. Stored food pests only need tiny amounts of food to survive and can often be found in accumulated debris in cracks and corners. Also, make sure to discard the infested food in an outdoor trash bin.