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Pest protection for your luxury home or vacation property we specialize in the quality of pest control service and attention to detail you expect from your finest service providers. We’ll protect your home, vacation property or condo from mice, spiders, ants, bees and other pests with a proactive pest control maintenance program. Our local service specialists will meet one-on-one with you or your property manager to customize a program specifically for your unique property.

Transparency and accessibility online access, transparent reporting and convenient email alerts keep you connected with what's going on at your home or vacation property as much or as little as you would like. This is combined with discretely placed, family-friendly pest monitoring devices that are inspected and electronically scanned each service. With the date and time of each inspection, you'll have peace of mind knowing your pest service technician was onsite when you expected them to be, even if you were not there.

Don’t let mice and other pests rob you of your quality of life

The HomeSmart Pest Prevention program we recommend for luxury and vacation homes includes detailed inspection services to target areas prone to pest activity. Preventative measures are identified to keep pests in their natural environment and away from your residence. Pest activity is addressed through long lasting prevention and the careful selection of family-friendly control methods.

Ask about our green and non-toxic approaches to pest control.