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Pest management and prevention services should be personalized for your property. No cookie cutters. We can help.


Fast response to a pest emergency? No problem. Reliable, on-going preventive program? We've got that. Discrete services to protect your brand? Yes, Sprague is your best choice. Leave the bug, bird and rodent issues to us.

Hotels and other lodging properties are susceptible to cockroaches, ants, spiders and stinging insects. Rodents and birds can spread filth and flies may plague food service areas. Perhaps the worst pest, brand-damaging bed bugs can check-in any day. The risks are many but with Sprague as your trusted partner, guests will enjoy a pest-free experience.

We begin with a risk assessment of the situation and for on-going programs, a thorough inspection of your property. We interview key stakeholders and develop a recommended set of services that will address existing pest concerns and provide you with long-term protection against pests. It's a partnership so we'll work with you to develop a program that fits the structural, environmental and operational needs of your hotel or motel.

With the depth of expertise, technology and account management sophistication to service multiple hotel properties under one program - or even your entire property portfolio - you will still find your local program delivered with personalized care. Rest easy. We've got this.

Communicate well, and often.

General managers, engineers, chefs and shift managers need to know what's going on and whether pest activity is going to affect their area of responsibility. Communication is critical and our service approach keeps each person in the loop. Our service technician checks in with the designated contact each service and records inspection details digitally into our sophisticated communication system. Reports are available immediately and can be emailed to anyone you wish, ensuring your team is working together toward the same, pest-free goal.

We provide services for structural pests common to hotel and motel properties including cockroaches, ants, spiders, stinging insects, flies, mice and rats. Exclusion, deterrent and trapping services are available for a variety of birds including pigeons and sparrows.