Customers expect a pest-free store. Choose Sprague for smart, discrete services that eliminate risk, contamination and damage from pests and keep shoppers, shopping.

Open doors, bright lights and abundant food and water make retail stores the ultimate magnet for pests. Check our list of solutions for your store.

Where experience makes the difference

When pests think of paradise, we imagine they have retail food environments in mind. Few places have more readily available food, water and shelter. Let us protect the food on your shelves. We'll handle existing issues and identify potential pest risks with a customized program to address your store's challenges - always with an emphasis on prevention.

Before rats nest in the coolers, stored food pests infest the pancake mix, mice hide under the checkout stand, and birds drop unsavory things in the produce, we can protect you. It's not if, but when pests will find a way into your store. Once inside, customers are already at risk. Prevention is your best defense coupled with a protective maintenance program.

When there's already a "situation", you need a professional, responsive team you can count on. We have the experience, equipment and resources to stop the attack on your business, fast. Rigorous training keeps our skills sharp and we're not a chemical company or manufacturer. This means we reserve the right to use the most effective equipment and materials on the market. Our clients reap the benefits in both price and quality.

We use barcodes, too.

Sprague relies on sophisticated technology to support the communication needs of retail stores. Whether you manage one or hundreds of locations, our services scale to provide you with the information you need, when you need it, to make smart buying decisions about your pest management program.

Service inspections are recorded digitally, devices are mapped and barcode scanned for accountability. Pest activity and inspection notes can be printed for the manager on duty, emailed or summarized online in the customer website. If you're managing multiple stores, lets you quickly and easily see what is happening at each of your locations.