Help your customers keep their commitments with reliable, consistent and effective pest management and prevention services from Sprague.

We work with logistics and warehousing businesses to prevent operational disruptions caused by pests.

Pest control for supply chain transportation and logistics

Mice, rats, roaches and stored food pests quickly impact the efficient and effective flow of goods. Contaminated product, damaged equipment and buildings are unwelcome disruptions in any supply chain transportation or logistics system. Our customized services sync with your operations to get rid of pests and keep them from returning

Yes, we recommend closing your loading doors to keep pests out but open doors mean shipments are moving and that shouldn't stop for pests. We learn your business to develop a pest protection program that fits your needs. Barcode scanned devices, online reporting, email alerts and access to all your locations from one convenient communication hub makes decision making smart and easy with your Sprague program. Our service and technology combine to help you pass third party audits and we handle the paperwork so you can rest easy knowing your program is in compliance.

Meet the modern day Trojan Horse

Hidden in the safety and security of neatly stacked pallets, rats, mice, cockroaches and stored food pests are unwelcome invaders in storage and distribution. Pest infested goods don't sell so defend your inventory and building from infestation with a 2-part strategy.

  1. Sprague offers training for receiving, loading and quality assurance staff to identify signs of pest activity in incoming shipments. Understanding basic rodent or insect biology - feeding, nesting, life stages - can arm your staff with the knowledge to keep pests out of your buildings.
  2. Defend against infestation by capturing pest invaders early. Based on our risk assessment, a layered defense strategy will be deployed. Monitoring traps, preventive treatments where there has been a history of activity and exclusion techniques will combine with regularly scheduled inspections to make sure any pests that make it inside, are quickly addressed.