Find out about ant services and tips for preventing ants in your home.
Ants are one of the least harmful but most prolific pests. Finding the right solution depends on the type of ant.


Egg-laying Queen

Colonies typically have single queens. Their main job is to lay eggs.

Hard Workers

10% of an ant colony is out at a time. These are usually the female worker ants.


Did you know that ants are social insects? Well, they are! Thousands of individual ants live in one colony.


The most effective way to exterminate an infestation is to find the nest and apply an insecticide. You can physically remove the nest, but it's a prickly endeavor we wouldn't recommend.

Want to get rid of ants, but you can't find the nest? Place bait around areas where you have seen ants. Worker ants will bring the bait back to the nest.

Ants are attracted to damp areas. Keep countertops and the area around sinks dry and free from spills.